CISOLAR 2022 accelerates the COP26 climate arrangements in PV industry

We don’t have time for conversations anymore! We get to act!

Our planet is at stake…

A climate conference that will help determine how hot the planet gets is approaching its final days in Glasgow, Scotland. The United Nations climate change conference, known as COP26, has already been one of the buzziest meetings of its kind. There is a lot of discussions and loud statements there.

But the conclusion after all that has been said is obvious. We have to accelerate the implementation of renewable energy projects. There is only one way to prevent climate catastrophe, to replace fossil fuels with renewable sources.

CISOLAR 2022, the 11th Solar Energy Conference and Trade Show will become one of the main catalysts of the energy transition for the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

CISOLAR 2022, organized by IB Centre, will take place both in-person and online from May 24 to May 26 in Kyiv.

For more than 10 years CISOLAR is the main event of the solar energy market in Central and Eastern Europe, where leading players traditionally present the latest technologies and solutions for the solar power industry, as well as share experience in implementing the most successful PV projects.

CISOLAR is a global branch community, whose participants have an interest in building and developing a successful renewable energy business and a desire to make the world a better place. Participation in CISOLAR is traditionally accepted by owners and top managers of companies interested in the development of investment energy projects in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

Next year CISOLAR-2022 will work in a 3-day format. May 24-25, the in-person and online CISOLAR 2022 conference will be held, May 25-26 will be the CISOLAR 2022 trade show.

The CISOLAR-2022 speakers will be represented by industry leaders, top managers, and owners of companies that have already made a significant contribution to global solar energy development.

The exhibition will feature products and services from key players in the global solar energy market and local companies. IBES, 2nd Energy Storage Conference and Trade Show of Central and Eastern Europe will take place on the same dates.

On May 25-26, a digital trade shows CISOLAR 2022 and IBES 2022 will also take place, which has become a fundamentally new and most effective tool to hold business events when communicating with the target audience without geographical restrictions.

Within three days at CISOLAR-2022 will be presented and discussed the latest legislative changes and initiatives in CEE countries in the context of global changes and the latest technological developments.

The technological part of the event will also be represented by solar solutions for the industrial sector, utilities, and private households.

Traditionally, CISOLAR-2022 will present a powerful block of the program dedicated to project financing.

An important component of CISOLAR-2022 will be the CISOLAR AWARDS contest, which will identify the best solar power projects in Central and Eastern Europe.

CISOLAR is one of the most efficient platforms for business communications and business networking in the field of solar energy in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. Choose the most convenient format and join the professional international solar community!

CISOLAR 2022 organizer is IB Centre – Innovative Business Centre that undertakes projects in the field of energy and eco-innovations and is a leading provider of conferences, trade shows, and training programs in the field of new energy and clean technologies with over 15 years’ history and implemented projects from Brussels to Almaty, which have accelerated the formation of cleantech industry and, in particular, renewable energy and energy technologies in emerging markets.

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