Checked by Gazprom: 100% Renewables is Inevitable!

It seems that the wrong rhetoric that has been heard over the last couple of years about the green generation has become the main theme of the information campaign against renewable energy in Europe and globally.

The thesis is simple: no matter what problems arise in the energy sector, the Greens must be blamed for everything. A number of experts, occupying the pages of the leading media, are viciously predicting a global energy crisis that will cover Europe, China, and the United States next year. “Excessive enthusiasm for renewable energy in Europe has reduced coal production and closed nuclear power plants …” – wrote one such analyst in early October. “Coal and fuel oil prices are rising because solar power plants and wind turbines have failed to meet Europe’s electricity needs,” said another.

But this whole situation is a bright and spectacular (on the eve of the heating season) presentation of the Nord Stream project. How to raise prices for certain products? You just have to limit the market supply.

The current situation in the European energy market is also actively used by ideologues of traditional energy sources for revenge in the face of renewable energy.

But in reality, not to mention different experts, the sharp rise in traditional energy prices will only accelerate the green trend, making electricity even more competitive and affordable. We are no longer talking about price parity, the question is – how much cheaper green energy than traditional? A few months ago, Goldman Sachs predicted in its analytical report that mass production and use of green hydrogen would become economically feasible (in terms of gas prices) no earlier than 2025-2030.

Thanks to Gazprom.

With spot gas prices of more than $ 900 per 1,000 cubic meters, hydrogen projects have become attractive for investment today. And most importantly, they have become politically attractive!

We are simulating with leading international experts during the 14th SEF 2021 DIGITAL Sustainable Energy Forum Central and Eastern Europe on October 27-28, 2021 how the current economic and possible fuel crisis can change the global and European energy landscape The producer of the event is IB Center.

Is the crisis a new opportunity? Not always. But in our case – yes. And we will show in detail which markets, technologies, and projects you should focus your time, knowledge, and resources on in order to write your own page in the history of renewable energy, or just make money on growing trends. We will be glad to see your avatars among the participants of SEF 2021 DIGITAL, and your logos – among the partners and exhibitors of the digital exhibition.

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