Net Zero Future: Solar, Wind, ESS, and Carbon Policy and Market Developments

To address climate change, governments and organizations across the world have long set up goals to cut carbon emission and reach net zero by 2050, underscoring the urgency for businesses worldwide to speed up their actions to embark on a low-carbon, and eventually net-zero future.

InfoLink Consulting will hold a webinar titled “Net Zero Future: Solar, Wind, ESS, and Carbon Policy and Market Developments”, which will provide a deep-dive look into the latest developments in the renewable industry.
IB Centre’s team invite you to take part in a webinar.

November 18, start at 14:00 (CET time)
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Led by chief analyst Corrine Lin, the analyst team of InfoLink will cover key topics on solar power, offshore wind power, and energy storage, as well as carbon emission policies.

The webinar will offer insights into carbon footprint and provide a sneak preview into renewable energy trends, empowering businesses to secure a foothold in the everchanging market and industry that have set off for a greener future.

Major takeaways:

▪️ Global market of solar-plus-storage: updates and prospects
▪️ Analysis of four offshore wind hubs in the Asia Pacific
▪️ Carbon emission and carbon footprint calculation
▪️ PV supply chain analysis, technology roadmap, price forecast

The webinar will be in English. Join now and learn more about Net Zero Future⚪️

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